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11 April 2020 @ 08:39 am
I've seen others do this and thought it was probably about time I did something similar. Thusly, this post shall stay permanently at the top of my LJ as a sort of 'hello' post.

So... hello! *waves* You have reached the Blog of Boz and, frankly, I'd run screaming in the opposite direction as fast as possible, if I were you. However, if you feel up to dealing with the rambling inanity of the terminally addled, by all means stick around. All are welcome! XD

Friend away! I do friend back (unless you strike me as a troll or, a spam-bot). You can use this post to say hello and introduce yourself. :)

As of March 2009: This journal is now Friends Only.  Comment to be added.  Please be advised that my online time is seriously limited if not all but non-existent these days, though.
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25 February 2009 @ 09:19 pm
So. There is a person on my flist who is newly arrived into the Weird and Wonderful World that is the online Tolkien fandom. She wants to find her way around the Tolkien-related Intarwebs and meet fellow Tolkien nerds who might be interested in not just discussing the inner workings of The Silmarillion but also share an enjoyment of fanfic, random Tolkien silliness, perhaps RPGing or anything else people might be into that's not solely based on knowing only the movies.

Now I reckon that covers at least three-quarters of my flist. Yes, you know who you are. :P  Even if several of us, now the hoo-haa of the films has died off, find that the fandom is much quieter than it used to be, say, four years ago and have found other new shiny fandoms to distract us for a while, for many of us Tolkien was our First Love Fandom and will always hold a special place in our heart while for several it is still their only fandom.

So, I'm starting a (Sort Of) Tolkien Friending meme.

BUT it's not just a friending meme since this is as much about sharing any Tolkien related online info you have. Any favourite or useful sites? Fanfiction recs? Do you RPG and if so, where? And if not, would you be interested in any RPGing?  Is there a Tolkien/LoTR macros LJ comm yet?  If not, why not and would YOU be willing to set one up?  (I would but I don't have the time to run it)... etc, etc

Do not feel obliged to friend anyone, but even if you don't (and I know many of you already know each other, or know of each other), then please DO reply at least so as to share whatever information you might have that others might be interested in. I see this as (hopefully) the kind of post that people can bookmark and come back to - as much to keep track of the recommendations, links, etc, that (I hope) people will provide, and not simply because they might get to meet some new fellow Tolkien nuts in the process. Please have a read of what others might have put before you, if only to spare too much doubling of any links. Have fun, friend away and spread the Tolkien LURVE-VIBE. (After all, we're very near to 'Back To Middle-Earth Month' anyway, right?)  So, yeah, please pimp this on your own LJs too since, the more the merrier, etc, and the more people that respond the better this will all be.

Thanks! :D

The Tolkien (Sort Of And Not Only) Friending Meme

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04 November 2008 @ 12:58 pm
So, here we go. I did consider posting it in two parts ('Part the First - When Jack Met Galadriel' and 'Part the Second - When Stephen Met Rhimlath'), but it all fits on LJ as one post, so one post it shall be. :P

TADers Vignette: Aubreyad/TADers Crossover (HUZZAH!)

For those as don't know TADers - basically think of elves in modern times but with all characterisation heightened as much as possible for comedic effect at any and every opportunity.

For those as don't know Aubreyad - READ IT NOW! Basically, as majrose put it, 'it's Austen, but for men' - think Hornblower... only better. :P

Celeborn needed to sail to Gibraltar. Galadriel was insisting on accompanying him, desiring some sun and a break from the appalling English weather. The Admiralty had assigned one Captain Jack Aubrey as the man to take them there. ...Collapse )


(Just FYI - if anyone's interested in the references to Legolas losing his ship in the Caribbean, that can be found here: Captain Legolas and The Pirates)
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I blame Elb for this, or rather I blame Patrick O'Brian. It's entirely down to reading books about sailing and sailors. I mean this Vignette contains words such as 'larboard', 'bosun' and 'salt beef', for goodness sake!

Anyway, as was mentioned in the last TADers post, once upon a time, Legolas came face to face with some Caribbean pirates when he was already very pissed off and they very stupidly suggested that as he was such a pretty thing they might do 'interesting' things to him before they killed him... and thus was the legend of The Blond Demon of the Caribbean born, which lasted well into the early twentieth century and with which sailors would scare their children.

THIS, then, is that tale...

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Well, that didn't take me long at all!  *laughs*  With thanks to Niggsy for taking a squint at it and thrashing through who should be in it and how it should be laid out - it was all her fault to start with, after all - and sincere thanks to all who voted and commented on whether I should do this or not.  The yays outnumbered the nays by quite some margin.  Hope it's of use/what people expected.  DO let me know if I've missed anyone or there's someone I've not added who you think should be on it.

It includes all named characters (as well as any 'significant characters who are only un-named because their names would be Westron names and if you think I'm going to try and invent Westron names, you can think again or wish till the cows come home.'  :P)

I have not included main canon characters who are in the movies since, I would sincerely hope, that everyone knows who they are.  ;P  However, I have included canon characters who were not in the movies, since not everyone has read the books and thus might not know who is canon and who isn't.  I have also listed the hobbits by their Westron names since I know many people find it hard to remember who is who and get their heads round that at first.

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